​​We Offer Band Instrument Repairs, through
A & G Central Music, for all Band Instruments. Instrument Cleanings, Repadding, Small Adjustments, Extensive Overhauls and every other type of repairs are done at their facility!

We Offer Drum Repairs and Tune-ups. Repairs can range from drumhead replacement to tuning to adjustments. We offer in-store repair or you may also have a technician come out to your house for repairs as well. Call for pricing and  to schedule an appointment.

We offer guitar restringing and tune-ups.


​All of our Band Instrument Rentals go through  A & G Central Music. One of Michigan's leading suppliers of band rentals, service and repairs. Music Maker Studio keeps instruments in stock at all time, and what we don't have we can get within 24 hours. Our Band Instrument Rentals can be started at any time during the year. We rent out school approved, excellent quality brands of all types of Band Instruments.

Rentals & Repairs