Master's Shows

These shows give students the opportunity to perform together like a band.  Students will learn songs individually with their teachers and every 3 months put it all together with the other students to perform for friends and family.  Cost to participate - $15/family.  The shows take place at various restaurants around town.

Next Show
March 10th, 2019: 12:30-3:30            (Rochester Mills)

Holiday Shows

The holiday shows are put on once or twice a year depending on the holiday coming up.  These shows are smaller than Masters shows.  These smaller shows give students who may want to do solos or perform on a smaller scale the opportunity to do so.  These shows are free of charge and also take place at various restaurants.

Other Shows

Several times a year students will get the opportunity to perform in additional shows.  These shows are a fun way for students to experience different styles of music as well as a variety of venues.

Upcoming Events